Specials & Packages

Freesia Man
Infuse body and mind with a feeling of wellness and harmony to ease tension and combat the stresses of modern life.

energy massage

A rejuvenating combination of healing and restoring massage designed to rebalance the body. Khoi khoi back massage including the scalp. Calabash sole survival

calm massage

60 minutes, R500

Ideal for any golfer. This back of body massage is relaxing, warming the muscles to aid, repair and improve flexibility.

nourish facial

60 minutes, R550

A deep cleansing facial that removes impurities and nourishes the skin after exposure to the sun and other external elements.

Freesia Mom
Celebrate this sacred journey and restore energy with a uniquely designed treatment for expectant mothers or anyone who prefers an organic treatment.


2 hours, R900

Nourish and nurture the body and mind with a warm treatment embodying the circle of life.

  • nurturing full-body massage
  • organic restorative facial


5 hours, R1500

Indulge and relax with some well-deserved “me-time” while all your beauty necessities are taken care of.

  • nurturing full-body massage
  • light legs treatment
  • calabash sole survival pedicure
  • tsamma hand ritual
  • organic restorative facial
  • refreshments and snacks

Freesia Teens

Calm and nourish youthful spirits in the tranquil Freesia Spa, connecting the body to the life-giving elements of the Western Cape.

hydrating facial 45 minutes, R350

nourishing back massage 20 minutes, R200

relaxing head massage 20 minutes, R200

healthy hands 30 minutes, R160

healthy feet 30 minutes, R180